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What supplements does Kevin Hart take?

Kevin Hart supplements

Kevin Hart is best known as an American comedian, actor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a well-known fitness enthusiast. Here, we look at what supplements Kevin Hart uses and discover what Kevin Hart’s overall health philosophy is. We also uncover Kevin Hart’s top fitness & nutrition secrets…

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Why it’s more important than ever to take your health into your own hands!

Why you need to take your health into your own hands!

Here we look at the concept of “Self-Health” and explain what it is: a philosophy of educating ourselves about how we function and then taking responsibility for our own health and well-being. It sounds simple but in this article we discuss why it’s so vital that we become less dependent on a medical system that is only designed to manage symptoms, and that we become more proactive when it comes to living in a way that promotes overall health and prevents disease as much as possible.

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What supplements does Jocko Willink take?

Jocko Willink supplements

Jocko Willink is best known for his service in the United States military as a Navy SEAL where he earned the Silver Star and Bronze Star and participated in Special Operations in the Iraq War. He also has a podcast and has written numerous Leadership & non-fiction books, as well as running the leadership consulting company Echelon Front. Here, we look at what supplements Jocko Willink uses and discover what Jocko Willink’s overall health philosophy is…

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What is the Keto Flu: How To Recognize & Remedy Keto Flu Symptoms?

Keto Flu symptoms and the perfect cure when on keto diet

While the ketogenic diet boasts incredible health benefits like rapid weight loss, increased energy levels, and cognitive clarity, many people experience fatigue, irritability, trouble sleeping and other flu-like symptoms when first starting the keto diet. It’s called the “keto flu”. In our guide to the Keto Flu, we discuss what keto flu is, why it happens, and explore some keto flu remedies like electrolyte supplements, hydration, and exercise, to help you recover quickly.

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What’s the Difference Between the ‘Winter Blues’ & Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

Winter Blues vs Seasonal Affective Disorder - is there a difference between them?

In locations with colder climates, many experience a sense of sluggishness once the days start getting shorter. They might feel lethargic, sad, or less enthusiastic about doing the things they typically love. Some have it worse and experience a form of clinical depression. Here we look at the difference between the Winter Blues & Seasonal Affective Disorder; what they are, what the differences are and what you can do about SAD & Winter Blues.

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Eye dryness & Computer Eye strain: How to keep your eyes healthy if you use computers for extended periods

Stop computer eye syndrome and keep your eyes healthy when using computers

If you get tired, dry, or achy eyes after a long day of staring at the computer, you may be experiencing Computer Eye Strain. If computer eye strain is affecting your productivity and job satisfaction, read our guide to eye health for computer users where we look at what computer eye strain is, what some of the symptoms of computer eye strain are, what causes it, and how to adopt preventive measures against eye strain by optimizing your work environment and making sure that your eyes get enough rest.

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How to Stay on the Keto Diet When You’re Traveling and Flying

keep up the keto diet while traveling by plane or train

Do you travel often and want to know how to stick to the keto diet while traveling by plane, car or train? In our guide to staying in ketosis while traveling, we show that with a bit of planning, it is entirely possible to stick to the keto diet even as you’re traveling by planes, trains, or even automobiles. We look at some of the ways you can remain in ketosis during your travels by bringing snacks, being strategic about where you stay, and other smart methods.

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What are some of the best keto-friendly pre-workout supplements?

Keto diet preworkout supplements and powders for a good workout on keto

In our guide to the best keto diet friendly preworkout supplements and snacks, we investigate how hard it can be to keep your day-to-day energy levels stable while staying on the keto diet and working out hard in the gym. There’s lots of ways to fuel your workouts, but not all of them are friendly to those who want to stay in a state of ketosis. So here we discuss some of the best keto diet friendly pre-workout snacks and supplements.

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