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1. The care for, repair and maintenance of an individuals health through one's own efforts

uvitals self-health and supplements UVITALS is advancing the field of Self-Health by openly sharing everything we know about frustrating health issues & our effectiveness-guaranteed supplements, beverages & snacks.

uvitals leading the self-health movement!

uVitals is Pushing the Self-Health Movement Forward…

Self-health is all about helping you to remedy everyday health care problems and, in the process, improving your quality of life.

We believe that every individual needs to know ‘what’s under the hood’‘ with their health. The same way we learn to change a tire or check the oil levels with automobiles; we need to be able to diagnose, understand (at least on a basic level) and, if possible, remedy our bodies and vital systems in order to keep us humming along smoothly & happily!

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Best Keto meal replacement options reviewed

What are the Best Keto Meal Replacement Options?

Keeping up the keto diet is not always easy! You have to maintain strict adherence to net carb limits while making sure you take care of your high fat intake requirements, and often when you’re not able to cook & prepare your own food (traveling, in the workplace, etc) it can be all too easy to let non-keto & unhealthy ingredients slip into your diet, knocking you out of a ketosis state & causing stress. That’s where keto meal replacement options come in. Here we review several keto meal replacement options & recommend the best brand.

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Sulforaphane broccoli sprouts guide

Sulforaphane: The Magic compound in Broccoli Sprouts & Cruciferous vegetables

Sulforaphane – found in Broccoli sprouts & other cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower & Kale – is a modern day super compound! A particular favorite of biochemist Dr. Rhonda Patrick, sulforaphane has been shown in studies to reduce gut & brain inflammation, possibly prevent cancer cell growth, and even detoxify the body of air pollutants common in metropolitan cities. Here, we delve deep on sulforaphane and find out how to best make the compound a part of your diet.

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Every keto product mentioned on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast

Every Keto Product Mentioned on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast is an invaluable resource to all those interested in the ketogenic diet. Joe Rogan & keto diet experts like Dom D’Agostino regularly discuss aspects of the keto diet & the low-carb lifestyle. We have gone through every relevant JRE episode & extracted all keto product recommendations into one post!

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How to fight winter blues/Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

Suffer From Winter Blues & Seasonal Depression? Here’s How To Fight It

In our ultimate guide to Winter Blues and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), we’ll discuss what seasonal affective disorder is, discuss it’s relation to depression symptoms, uncover potential causes of Winter Blues and its related symptoms, all while exploring some natural Winter Blues remedies like light therapy, behavior counseling, vitamin D supplements, and (so much) more.

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Joe Rogan supplements

What supplements does Joe Rogan take?

Joe Rogan is best known as a stand-up comedian, mixed-martial arts (MMA) commentator, podcast host, entrepreneur, and former TV host. Here, we look at what supplements Joe Rogan uses and discover what his overall health philosophy is. We also uncover Joe Rogan’s top fitness & nutrition secrets…

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What supplements does Dr. Rhonda Patrick take?

What supplements does Rhonda Patrick take?

Rhonda Patrick is best known as a Ph.D. in biomedical science who has performed extensive research on aging, cancer, and nutrition. You may have seen Dr. Patrick on one of her several appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience. Here, we look at what supplements Rhonda Patrick uses and discover what Rhonda Patrick’s overall health philosophy is…

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Are beta blockers safe for performers like musicians & public speakers to use for stage fright?

Are Beta Blockers Safe for Musicians & Public Speakers to Use?

Musicians and performers of all kinds commonly experience stage fright & anxiety. For some, it is manageable, and just a part of the job. For others, it is debilitating and can become a major block in one’s career. Beta Blockers (beta-adrenergic blocking agents) are commonly used by Musicians, public speakers & other performers to get through these performance struggles & stage fright. We look at whether there are any risks and/or downsides for Musicians & performers using beta blockers.

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The ultimate guide to lactose intolerance and dairy allergies - enjoy your favorite dairy products again!

Everything You Need To Know About Lactose Intolerance (And What To Do About It!)

In our ultimate guide to Lactose Intolerance, we look at what lactose intolerance is, how you can tell if you’re affected by lactose intolerance (or if it’s something else), and what might be causing it. We’ll also recommend some natural solutions for lactose intolerance like dietary adjustments and recommend the best digestive supplements that will help you manage your lactose intolerance symptoms.

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