About Us

The Idea

UVITALS began with a very simple idea: that all humans should be able to maintain and repair their own bodies & health systems.

We genuinely believe that it is the duty of every individual to understand their bodies, and to be prepared and willing to tweak and repair their bodies, to the best of their abilities, when necessary.

Put another way; we all need to know “what’s under the hood” with our health. The same way we learn to change a tire or check the oil levels with automobiles; we need to be able to diagnose, understand (at least on a basic level) and, if possible, remedy our bodies and vital systems in order to keep us humming along smoothly & happily!

Buddha said to keep our body's health is a duty

The ‘Self-Health’ Vision

This thought is what lead to us coining the, slightly on-the-nose, phrase ‘Self-Health

With rising health-care costs in the US and worldwide, and at least half the world’s population still not having full coverage of essential health services (not to mention an estimated 97 million people being impoverished by out-of-pocket health-care spending in a single year, according to WHO) it is now more important then ever that we are as knowledgeable about our own health as we can be. We have to take our health into our own hands!

Our Mission

UVITALS was started to be the main resource for people looking to inform themselves and learn about their own (or their loved-ones) health issues, as well as a resource for them to go beyond simply maintaining a baseline level of health and learn how to improve their Quality of Life.

We do this by providing genuine (a lot from our own experiences & learnings), science-backed and medically researched content about health, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle. Our mission is to openly provide you with the information and resources you need to fix, maintain and improve your health and overall quality of life.

Our Products

While learning all we could about maintaining and repairing our own bodies, we developed several optimal solutions & aids for various health issues that we were shocked to see were not available as products.The thought process went: “Since we’re providing all the information we can about these health issues – researching the root causes, symptoms, side-effects and remedies – why don’t we also provide the end-solutions in the form of products? The exact products we want to buy!”

We then spent countless hours teaming up and working with industry experts, health professionals & consultants for specific health issues & medical areas in order to produce the most convenient, thoroughly researched and expertly-produced supplements, food & beverage products we could. Some of our products are still going through our rigorous testing process, so there is a chance you may have to wait a little before launch (in these cases we put together email waiting lists where you can receive early access discounts & behind the scenes updates on our product development process).


As a promise to you, our current or future customer, all of our products come with an effectiveness-guarantee. This means that all UVITALS products will either work for you, or we’ll refund your order.
This pushes us to only produce products that genuinely work and help our customers (and makes sure that we are constantly testing and refining our products to make sure it stays that way!), while significantly reducing the risk to the end-user. You can purchase UVITALS products and feel safe that there’s a team behind your supplement, vital snack or beverage who are as hungry and eager to solve your health issue and improve your quality of life, just as much as you are!

The Team Behind UVITALS

UVITALS was launched in 2018 and has a dedicated team of staff working hard to make sure that the product, the support experience and every interaction we have with our customers is extraordinary (try it: get in touch with us with any questions you have, or just to say hello, here!).

Team Members

Lewis Quinn profile picLewis Quinn Founder, CEO & Self-Health Advocate

Dr Jenny Schu, PhD Head of Product Research & DevelopmentJenny Schu Profile Pic

Agnit Brahma Profile picAgnit Brahma Lead Writer & Content Researcher

Eric Reedle Support Manager & Content EditorEric Reedle profile pic

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