Updates, Healthcare & Self-Health Discussion & Beliefs

Every once in a while we like to 'wax philosophical' here at uvitals! Here we explore our core concepts and beliefs; everything from issues with the overall healthcare industry to deep-dives into the Self-Health concept and occasional behind-the-scenes looks into the nitty-gritty details of uvitals products & our business.

Why it’s more important than ever to take your health into your own hands!

Why you need to take your health into your own hands!

Here we look at the concept of “Self-Health” and explain what it is: a philosophy of educating ourselves about how we function and then taking responsibility for our own health and well-being. It sounds simple but in this article we discuss why it’s so vital that we become less dependent on a medical system that is only designed to manage symptoms, and that we become more proactive when it comes to living in a way that promotes overall health and prevents disease as much as possible.

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