Every Keto Product Mentioned on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast is an invaluable resource to all those interested in the ketogenic diet. Joe Rogan & keto diet experts like Dom D’Agostino regularly discuss aspects of the keto diet & the low-carb lifestyle. We have gone through every relevant JRE episode & extracted all keto product recommendations into one post!

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Every single keto product talked about on Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast has become an invaluable resource to all those who are interested in self-health. Joe regularly invites guests on the show who are leading experts in a wide array of fields such as nutrition, fitness, sleep, aging, and more.

When it comes to nutrition, two of the most prominent guests include nutrition scientist Dr. Rhonda Patrick, and Dominic D’Agostino, a leading proponent of the keto diet. The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carb diet where your body learns to burn fats instead of glucose for energy.

The keto diet has gained prominence in recent years due to its various potential health benefits, such as weight loss, improved skin health, and cognitive support. According to some claims, the keto diet may even benefit those with seizures, and various other diseases [1].

Although it is not clear that Joe Rogan himself follows the keto diet at all times, he has spoken about the high-fat diet at length with various guests on his podcast. He has also mentioned several times that when his body runs on fat, he feels better with more sustained energy levels and better mental clarity.

Whether Joe himself follows the keto diet regularly or not, it is clear he is a fan of the concept. The JRE podcast, along with a few others like The Tim Ferris Show, has played a vital role in bringing awareness about the ketogenic diet to listeners.

Naturally, there have been various keto products that have been mentioned on the podcast. If you’re interested in giving keto a try, some of these products might become your daily go-to items, just like they are for Dom D’Agostino, Joe, and Dr. Rhonda Patrick (although she does not follow a keto diet).

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Every Keto Product Mentioned on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast:

Keep reading to find out which guest recommended these keto products (with episode links) and find out what the product does for them…

The keto products that have been mentioned on the Joe Rogan podcast:

Here are all the keto products that have been mentioned on the JRE podcast so far:

1. Onnit Total Keto Daily

Joe Rogan Onnit Keto Daily for helping with keto diet

Onnit is one of the top nutritional supplement brands in the market today, and the products are known for its earth grown nutrients and science-backed ingredients. Onnit is trusted by several high-level athletes and influencers such as Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone (UFC champion), Bode Miller (Olympic gold medalist), Jonathan Toews (NHL player and Stanley Cup winner), and even Gary Vaynerchuck (entrepreneur, media personality).

Joe Rogan is an investor in Onnit, and he has a close relationship with Onnit’s founder Aubrey Marcus. Joe was also the inspiration behind Onnit’s flagship nootropic product, Alpha Brain. It can be argued that the JRE podcast has played a significant role in Onnit’s popularity today. Since the podcast is also one of the big reasons for the keto diet’s increase in prominence, it is only fitting that Onnit has created a daily exogenous ketones supplement.

Onnit’s Total Keto Daily comes in a delicious salted watermelon flavor, and it is infused with avocado oil, which has numerous health benefits of its own. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Might help keto beginners avoid the keto flu
  • Helps sustain stable energy levels
  • Assists with focus and cognitive support
  • Contains beta-hydroxybutyrate, avocado oil, and logifiber (a prebiotic to support the gut in ketosis)

2. Wild Planet Sardines (Dom D’Agostino JRE #994)

Wild Planet Sardines for Keto and overall health

Wild Planet Sardines are one of Dom D’Agostino’s go-to food on the keto diet. Sardines are packed with beneficial nutrients like minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin b-12, and more [2]. They support heart health, promote stable energy levels, and they are one of the safest fish as far as heavy metal contamination is concerned. Another benefit of canned sardines is that you can take them on the road, which might help you maintain the keto diet when you travel.

Crown Prince Natural Boiled Whole Oysters for Keto and overall health

Along with Sardines, Dom also eats and recommends Crown Prince Canned Oysters. Oysters are another nutritional powerhouse, packing high quantities of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins, all of which can be crucial in maintaining an optimal keto diet plan [3].

3. EnergyBits Spirulina Algae Tablets (Dom D’Agostino JRE #994)

EnergyBits Spirulina Algae Tablets reccomended by Dom DAgostino for Keto and vitality

While technically not a keto product, Dom D’Agostino relied on these keto-friendly, nutrient-dense snacks while on a mission with NASA. Initially seen on Shark Tank, EnergyBits Spirulina Algae Tablets are packed with protein and plenty of phytonutrients. According to Dom, it did not kick him out of ketosis. Spirulina is high in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory effects [4]. While on the podcast, Joe tried some of the tablets, and he thought they tasted like sunflower seeds.

4. Quest Nutrition MCT Powder Oil (Dom D’Agostino JRE #994)

Quest Nutrition MCT Oil Powder is perfect for keto and for a sensative stomach

MCT is short for medium-chain triglycerides. Also known as medium-chain fatty acids, MCTs are primarily found in Coconut oil. MCT oils are concentrated with the medium-chain fatty acids, and they don’t include some of the other components of coconut oil. MCT oil goes straight to the liver, unlike other fats that have to be digested by the stomach [5]. They are beneficial for people on the keto diet because they can be broken down into fuel faster.

Dom mentions that he uses MCT oil on the JRE episode. However, he reveals his favorite brand, Quest Nutrition, on another podcast with Dr. Peter Attia, a well-renowned longevity doctor.

5. Kegenix Exogenous Ketones (Dom D’Agostino JRE #994)

Kegenix Exogenous Ketones help Dom DAgostino & Joe Rogan increase the ketone levels in their blood to sustain high energy levels without having to eat more

Dom takes exogenous ketones from the brand Kegenix to help him get through busy workdays, especially when he is traveling and might not have access to his kitchen to prepare keto meals. Kegenix helps increase the ketone levels in his blood to sustain energy without having to eat more.

Joe Rogan on his instagram account talking about Kegenix Exogenous Ketone supplement
Joe Rogan sharing one of his favorite keto supplements on Instagram: Kegenix Exogenous Ketones

It seems like Joe liked what he heard. In an Instagram post from 2016, Joe shows Kegenix as his favorite ketone supplement. He took it one step further and added Alpha Brain (Onnit’s nootropic supplement) to the mix [6]. However, this was most likely before Onnit created the Total Keto Daily supplement.

Pruvit Keto is another exogenous ketones brand that Dom mentioned on the JRE episode. Dom trusts Pruvit and considers them to be one of the premium options available in the market. One of the advantages of Pruvit is that they have different versions that you can choose according to your specific needs. The Orange Dream version comes with MCT powder, the Chocolate Swirl with beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) salts, and the Maui Punch contains no dairy.

6. No products found. (Dr. Rhonda Patrick JRE #1178)

No products found.

Ketone esters are for people who want to increase their ketone levels even if they are not on a ketogenic diet, like Dr. Rhonda Patrick. It’s also an excellent way to get the raw ketone without any of the salts or other ingredients that are found in most exogenous ketones [7].

Dr. Rhonda Patrick uses the No products found. to increase the feeling of “being present” and also to decrease anxiety levels.

No products found.

7. Ketonix Reusable Breath Ketone Acetone Level Analyzer (Dom D’Agostino JRE #994)

Ketonix breath ketone analyzer for checking you're in ketosis without drawing blood

People typically use monitors to measure their blood ketone levels to ensure that they are in ketosis. However, the process might require them to draw blood by pricking their fingers with a needle. For someone like Joe, who lifts weights regularly, pricking fingers for blood can be cumbersome due to the calluses that are present.

A product like Ketonix breath ketone analyzer allows Joe to bypass the finger pricking and to make sure he is maintaining his keto state.

8. Dry Farm Wines (Dom D’Agostino JRE #994)

Dry Farm Wines are reccomended for alcohol while in ketosis by Dom D'Agostino & Joe Rogan

Trusted by many paleo and keto influencers like Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, and Dom D’Agostino, Dry Farm Wines make sugar-free, low alcohol, natural red wine. Dom mentions on the JRE episode that he can drink one or two glasses of these wines, and it doesn’t kick him out of ketosis.

One of the most critical factors for any lifestyle choice is that it needs to be sustainable. That means that you actually have to enjoy it. Keto can be a restrictive diet. Being able to enjoy a couple of glasses of red wine while on keto can be the difference-maker for many people when it comes to sticking to the diet for a prolonged period.

9. Nui Cookies (Previously Keto Kookie, Dom D’Agostino JRE #994)

Nui Keto cookies featured on Shark Tank & loved by Dom D'Agostino as a keto-friendly snack

Dom brought a few samples of these delicious cookies for Joe. When the podcast aired, the company was under a different brand name, Keto Kookie. They seem to have transitioned to Nui, but they are still making low-carb, gluten-free, keto-friendly cookies.

Dom called these cookies his keto comfort snacks. And with mouthwatering flavors like peanut butter, cinnamon snickerdoodle, and double chocolate, we can see where he is coming from.

10. Space Shakes (Previously Cave Shakes, Dom D’Agostino JRE #994)

Space Shakes Keto Meal-Replacement shakes are great for staying in ketosis when travelling or on-the-go

Space shakes are keto-friendly high-fat meal replacement shakes that are also paleo and vegan. They come in several delicious flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and coffee.

Known as Cave Shakes before, this was a product introduced to Dom by Joe on the podcast, instead of the other way around. Joe talks about how much he loves the taste and appreciates the healthy ingredients in the keto meal replacement shakes.

Final thoughts on Joe Rogan Keto product mentions on his show

There are always new products being introduced to the keto market. One of the brands that have received a lot of positive reviews, but haven’t yet been mentioned on the JRE podcast is Perfect Keto. They have an entire line of keto products, including exogenous ketones, keto protein powder, and keto bars, which are the perfect snacks when trying to maintain ketosis on the road. If you’re thinking of giving the keto diet a try, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide on how to avoid the keto flu.

Products mentioned in this article

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