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Valerian Root For Anxiety – What is Valerian & Does It Work For Stage Fright?

Can Valerian root help with anxiety?

Valerian Root is a herb derived from the root of the valerian plant, and it has been in use as far back as the Greeks & Romans who used valerian root for fighting stress, migraines, insomnia & fatigue. As valerian has proven to be an excellent natural relaxant, its usage by performers looking to reduce performance anxiety & stage fright has increased dramatically. Here we look at what Valerian root is, whether it works for anxiety, what the side effects are and uncover if it’s a good tool for a musician, singer, public speaker, actor or anyone who suffers from anxiety to have in their toolbox.

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4 Celebrities Who Use Beta Blockers To Help With Their Anxiety & Stage Fright

Celebrities using beta blockers to help with their anxiety

On the surface, it would seem like a lot of the famous performers we see on TV, on stage or on any other public platform, just have natural confidence. It seems like they were born with the ‘right temperament’ to be in show-biz. But it is becoming more and more clear that a lot of celebrities are actually using beta blockers, prescription medication designed to lower blood pressure, to help with their anxiety and stage fright symptoms. Some celebrities have even publicly spoken about their use of beta blockers for their anxiety, and in this article we hear from singers, musicians, comedians and other celebrities about their experiences with beta blockers. We also look at how beta blockers work and some natural alternatives.

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What is the Best Vegan Collagen Supplement?

What is the best vegan collagen booster supplement for healthy hair, skin & nails?

Collagen is an extremely important protein that our body uses to regenerate and replace old body tissue. As we age, we produce less and less collagen naturally and so many look to collagen supplements to provide the health benefits of collagen; namely supporting joint health, improving skin hydration, boosting hair & nail quality and maintaining healthy bone density & muscle mass. Collagen supplements are typically made of collagen peptides, which come from animal tissue. We set out to find out if a vegan collagen supplement exists that uses no animal products, and explain how a vegan collagen booster would work while revealing the best vegan collagen booster supplement available today…

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Sulforaphane & Hair: Can Sulforaphane Stop Hair Loss?

Can Sulforaphane stop hair loss?

One of the biggest factors involved with hair loss is DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), a hormone linked with testosterone that interacts with hair follicles and can cause them to shrink, thin & be more brittle. It has been reported that Sulforaphane, a plant compound that’s rich in sulfur & found predominantly in cruciferous vegetables, can have effects on hair and plasma levels of DHT. We investigate this DHT & Sulforaphane link and determine if Sulforaphane can stop hair loss.

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Sulforaphane Benefits According to Rhonda Patrick & Jed Fahey

The benefits of Sulforaphane according to Jed Fahey & Rhonda Patrick

Both Dr. Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D. in biomedical science and Dr. Jed Fahey, assistant professor at John Hopkins Clinical Pharmacology division, have talked about the benefits of Sulforaphane in several interviews and through their own publications. In this article we summarize the numerous benefits of Sulforaphane according to both of these medical professionals, and further investigate the current research around Sulforaphane, commonly found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli sprouts.

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What Supplements Does Dr Jed Fahey Use & Recommend? Sulforaphane vs Moringa

Jed Fahey Sulforaphane & Moringa recommendations

Dr. Jed Fahey has an extremely impressive résumé including being the Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Division of Clinical Pharmacology. He is now one of the leading researchers on the topic of phytochemistry, including some groundbreaking revelations around sulforaphane, moringa and myrosinase. Here we look at what supplements Dr. Jed Fahey uses & recommends, along with the brands he trusts and why.

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The Health Benefits of Hot Springs

Hot spring health benefits

Hot springs have long been known to promote health and well-being, as well as having a spiritual aspect. For instance, Japan is famous for its hot springs and they have been used for thousands of years as a purifying ritual for the Shinto religion. Today people all over the world use hot springs to deal with pain, encourage healing, and relief stress. In this article we will cover the history of hot springs and how they can help you.

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Debunking the Sulforaphane Cancer Link

Is there a sulforaphane cancer link? We look at sulforaphane, found in cruciferous vegetables has any effect on cancer according to current research

A lot has been said about the Sulforaphane (found predominantly in cruciferous vegetables) and Cancer link. Studies have been performed to identify the effect Sulforaphane has on procarcinogens, it’s usage as a detoxification tool and a preventative against DNA damage. Here we look at Sulforaphane as a preventative and therapeutic tool against cancer, and demystify a lot of the confusion around this complex and developing topic.

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How to Fight (and Get Rid of) Social Anxiety Fast

How to get rid of social anxiety fast

Social Anxiety can really have a negative impact on your life. It can effect everything from your body language through to your social network and status. If you’re constantly feeling anxious in social situations, the good news is that you are not alone and a lot of study and discoveries have been made in the space. In this article we go over several different techniques that you can use to fight Social Anxiety AND WIN!

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Music Performance Anxiety in Classical Musicians – What We Know About Overcoming MPA

Music Performance Anxiety Guide for classical musicians

For most classic and career musicians, performance anxiety is a common experience; over 24% of professional musicians in one study claimed to have suffered from performance anxiety at some point during their career. Why do musicians experience performance anxiety symptoms so regularly… and what can they do about it? In this article, we look at several ways to identify and overcome performance anxiety if you are a professional musician.

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The Best Supplements to Prevent Hearing Loss

Best Hearing Loss Supplements

Hearing Loss symptoms can be caused by a host of sources: aging, repeated exposure to loud noise, oxidative stress and even some medications can cause hearing loss. In the USA, 2% of the population experiences some sort of hearing loss by age 50. In this article, we look at what can cause hearing loss and why, and several supplements that have been shown in studies to restore hearing following hearing loss symptoms and, in some cases, protect you from hearing loss in the near-future.

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Social Anxiety & Dating: 3 DIY Cures for Dating Anxiety

3 DIY cures for dating anxiety & social anxiety

Do you have an upcoming romantic date or social event that’s causing you to experience anxiety symptoms? In this article we take a look at ‘dating anxiety’ – what causes it & how does it relate to social anxiety disorder (SAD)? Finally, we have researched and provided 3 effective dating anxiety cures to help you operate at your best in any social or high-anxiety situation.

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What is the Best Exogenous Ketone Supplement?

Endogenous ketones are ketones naturally produced by the human body, and Exogenous ketones are ketones (traditionally in the beta-hydroxybutyrate or BHB form) available from external sources like dietary supplements. Exogenous ketones are very efficient at increasing the ketone levels in your system, potentially leading to boosts in cognitive function, improved energy & maximum physical performance levels, appetite suppression and all of the other benefits that come with being in a deep state of ketosis. For those following the keto diet, or just those looking to find a healthy boost, exogenous ketones should be a key part of your daily nutrition stack. We look at the best exogenous ketone supplements available today.

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What is the Best Sulforaphane Supplement?

Sulforaphane Supplements

Sulforaphane, commonly found in cruciferous vegetables like kale, brussel sprouts and particularly Broccoli Sprouts, is a pretty amazing plant compound! It has been shown in studies to potentially reduce the risk of cancer in subjects, can aid in detoxification from air pollution, can fight harmful inflammation, boost brain health & gut health, and so much more! The best source of sulforaphane is directly from broccoli sprouts, but sulforaphane supplements can be a good source as long as you choose the right one. Here we look at the different sulforaphane supplements available today and find out which is the best one for your needs…

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What Supplements Does Taylor Swift Use to Deal With Stage Fright & Anxiety?

What supplements does Taylor Swift use for stage fright & anxiety?

If you like music, then there’s a good chance that you know (and perhaps love) Taylor Swift. The singer-songwriter is one of the most prominent recording artists of our time, with a fan-base that spans the globe. We were curious how Taylor Swift deals with the anxiety, high-stress & stage fright that comes with performing in front of millions of people. Turns out that Taylor Swift relies on a couple of key supplements, and we find out what they are here.

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What are the Best Keto Meal Replacement Options?

Best Keto meal replacement options reviewed

Keeping up the keto diet is not always easy! You have to maintain strict adherence to net carb limits while making sure you take care of your high fat intake requirements, and often when you’re not able to cook & prepare your own food (traveling, in the workplace, etc) it can be all too easy to let non-keto & unhealthy ingredients slip into your diet, knocking you out of a ketosis state & causing stress. That’s where keto meal replacement options come in. Here we review several keto meal replacement options & recommend the best brand.

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Sulforaphane: The Magic compound in Broccoli Sprouts & Cruciferous vegetables

Sulforaphane broccoli sprouts guide

Sulforaphane – found in Broccoli sprouts & other cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower & Kale – is a modern day super compound! A particular favorite of biochemist Dr. Rhonda Patrick, sulforaphane has been shown in studies to reduce gut & brain inflammation, possibly prevent cancer cell growth, and even detoxify the body of air pollutants common in metropolitan cities. Here, we delve deep on sulforaphane and find out how to best make the compound a part of your diet.

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Every Keto Product Mentioned on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

Every keto product mentioned on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast is an invaluable resource to all those interested in the ketogenic diet. Joe Rogan & keto diet experts like Dom D’Agostino regularly discuss aspects of the keto diet & the low-carb lifestyle. We have gone through every relevant JRE episode & extracted all keto product recommendations into one post!

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Are there Natural Beta-Blockers that can help with Performance Anxiety & Stage Fright?

Natural beta blockers for performance anxiety & stage fright

Beta-Blockers or Beta-adrenergic blocking agents are used by performers to help with performance anxiety and the stomach butterfly’s that can come before a big performance. Many musicians & professional performers like public speakers, who rely on their ability to remain calm & focused under the spotlight, use beta blockers to help with their careers, but are concerned about potential side-effects of beta blockers. So we decided to research how beta blockers work, why they have an effect on stage fright and anxiety, as well as if there are any unknown side-effects to beta blockers. Finally, we look at if there is a natural beta blocker alternative that can help performers with anxiety and stage fright, and look at why they are so effective.

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Why is Tea Good for Anxiety? The answer lies in L-theanine

Why is tea and l-theanine good for fighting anxiety?

Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, second only to water. It has long been known that different types of tea (green tea, black tea, matcha green tea, etc) have a calming effect. You may have assumed that was all down to sipping on a warm drink while relaxing in a comfy chair, but research reveals that the amino acid L-theanine that different types of teas contain is why drinking tea is so good for relaxing and reducing anxiety. We look at why this is, as well as reccomending the best tea types & brands for reducing anxiety

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Medications That May Cause Hearing Loss

What medications can cause hearing loss?

There are several types of medication that can cause hearing loss & damage to your ears as a side-effect. This process is called Ototoxicity and can be quite frightening when experienced. Here we look at common medications that have been known to cause hearing loss as a side effect, what the symptoms of ototoxicity are and present studies that uncover several remedies that may help prevent hearing loss or improve hearing loss symptoms.

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How Top Performers Overcome Stage Fright

How to get rid of stage fright

Have you ever experienced extreme butterflies or ‘Stage Fright’ before performing in front of an audience or entering out a high-anxiety situation? You’re not alone, stage fright is a common issue for many musicians, public speakers, and anyone who has to perform in front of an audience of some sort. Here we look at what causes stage fright, what the symptoms are and several effective ways to get rid of stage fright.

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Suffer From Winter Blues & Seasonal Depression? Here’s How To Fight It

How to fight winter blues/Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

In our ultimate guide to Winter Blues and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), we’ll discuss what seasonal affective disorder is, discuss it’s relation to depression symptoms, uncover potential causes of Winter Blues and its related symptoms, all while exploring some natural Winter Blues remedies like light therapy, behavior counseling, vitamin D supplements, and (so much) more.

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What supplements does Joe Rogan take?

Joe Rogan supplements

Joe Rogan is best known as a stand-up comedian, mixed-martial arts (MMA) commentator, podcast host, entrepreneur, and former TV host. Here, we look at what supplements Joe Rogan uses and discover what his overall health philosophy is. We also uncover Joe Rogan’s top fitness & nutrition secrets…

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What supplements does Rhonda Patrick take?

What supplements does Dr. Rhonda Patrick take?

Rhonda Patrick is best known as a Ph.D. in biomedical science who has performed extensive research on aging, cancer, and nutrition. You may have seen Dr. Patrick on one of her several appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience. Here, we look at what supplements Rhonda Patrick uses and discover what Rhonda Patrick’s overall health philosophy is…

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Are Beta Blockers Safe for Musicians & Public Speakers to Use?

Are beta blockers safe for performers like musicians & public speakers to use for stage fright?

Musicians and performers of all kinds commonly experience stage fright & anxiety. For some, it is manageable, and just a part of the job. For others, it is debilitating and can become a major block in one’s career. Beta Blockers (beta-adrenergic blocking agents) are commonly used by Musicians, public speakers & other performers to get through these performance struggles & stage fright. We look at whether there are any risks and/or downsides for Musicians & performers using beta blockers.

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Everything You Need To Know About Lactose Intolerance (And What To Do About It!)

The ultimate guide to lactose intolerance and dairy allergies - enjoy your favorite dairy products again!

In our ultimate guide to Lactose Intolerance, we look at what lactose intolerance is, how you can tell if you’re affected by lactose intolerance (or if it’s something else), and what might be causing it. We’ll also recommend some natural solutions for lactose intolerance like dietary adjustments and recommend the best digestive supplements that will help you manage your lactose intolerance symptoms.

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What supplements does Laird Hamilton take?

Laird Hamilton Supplements

Laird Hamilton is best known for inventing tow-in surfing as an American big-wave surfer, and an occasional fashion and action-sports model. Here, we look at what supplements Laird Hamilton uses and discover what Laird Hamilton’s overall health philosophy is. We also uncover Laird Hamilton’s top fitness & nutrition secrets…

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What supplements does Dom D’Agostino take?

Dom D'Agostino Supplements

Dom D’Agostino is best known for dead-lifting 500 pounds for 10 reps after a seven-day fast, AND for breaking the world record for most weight squatted in a 24 hour period. When not displaying superhero strength, Dr. Dominic D’Agostino is an assistant professor of Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology and a well-known expert & researcher on the topic of ketosis. Here, we look at what supplements Dom D’Agostino uses and discover what his overall health philosophy is…

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What supplements does Kevin Hart take?

Kevin Hart supplements

Kevin Hart is best known as an American comedian, actor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a well-known fitness enthusiast. Here, we look at what supplements Kevin Hart uses and discover what Kevin Hart’s overall health philosophy is. We also uncover Kevin Hart’s top fitness & nutrition secrets…

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Why it’s more important than ever to take your health into your own hands!

Why you need to take your health into your own hands!

Here we look at the concept of “Self-Health” and explain what it is: a philosophy of educating ourselves about how we function and then taking responsibility for our own health and well-being. It sounds simple but in this article we discuss why it’s so vital that we become less dependent on a medical system that is only designed to manage symptoms, and that we become more proactive when it comes to living in a way that promotes overall health and prevents disease as much as possible.

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What supplements does Jocko Willink take?

Jocko Willink supplements

Jocko Willink is best known for his service in the United States military as a Navy SEAL where he earned the Silver Star and Bronze Star and participated in Special Operations in the Iraq War. He also has a podcast and has written numerous Leadership & non-fiction books, as well as running the leadership consulting company Echelon Front. Here, we look at what supplements Jocko Willink uses and discover what Jocko Willink’s overall health philosophy is…

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What is the Keto Flu: How To Recognize & Remedy Keto Flu Symptoms?

Keto Flu symptoms and the perfect cure when on keto diet

While the ketogenic diet boasts incredible health benefits like rapid weight loss, increased energy levels, and cognitive clarity, many people experience fatigue, irritability, trouble sleeping and other flu-like symptoms when first starting the keto diet. It’s called the “keto flu”. In our guide to the Keto Flu, we discuss what keto flu is, why it happens, and explore some keto flu remedies like electrolyte supplements, hydration, and exercise, to help you recover quickly.

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What’s the Difference Between the ‘Winter Blues’ & Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

Winter Blues vs Seasonal Affective Disorder - is there a difference between them?

In locations with colder climates, many experience a sense of sluggishness once the days start getting shorter. They might feel lethargic, sad, or less enthusiastic about doing the things they typically love. Some have it worse and experience a form of clinical depression. Here we look at the difference between the Winter Blues & Seasonal Affective Disorder; what they are, what the differences are and what you can do about SAD & Winter Blues.

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Eye dryness & Computer Eye strain: How to keep your eyes healthy if you use computers for extended periods

Stop computer eye syndrome and keep your eyes healthy when using computers

If you get tired, dry, or achy eyes after a long day of staring at the computer, you may be experiencing Computer Eye Strain. If computer eye strain is affecting your productivity and job satisfaction, read our guide to eye health for computer users where we look at what computer eye strain is, what some of the symptoms of computer eye strain are, what causes it, and how to adopt preventive measures against eye strain by optimizing your work environment and making sure that your eyes get enough rest.

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How to Stay on the Keto Diet When You’re Traveling and Flying

keep up the keto diet while traveling by plane or train

Do you travel often and want to know how to stick to the keto diet while traveling by plane, car or train? In our guide to staying in ketosis while traveling, we show that with a bit of planning, it is entirely possible to stick to the keto diet even as you’re traveling by planes, trains, or even automobiles. We look at some of the ways you can remain in ketosis during your travels by bringing snacks, being strategic about where you stay, and other smart methods.

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What are some of the best keto-friendly pre-workout supplements?

Keto diet preworkout supplements and powders for a good workout on keto

In our guide to the best keto diet friendly preworkout supplements and snacks, we investigate how hard it can be to keep your day-to-day energy levels stable while staying on the keto diet and working out hard in the gym. There’s lots of ways to fuel your workouts, but not all of them are friendly to those who want to stay in a state of ketosis. So here we discuss some of the best keto diet friendly pre-workout snacks and supplements.

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