What supplements does Kevin Hart take?

Kevin Hart is best known as an American comedian, actor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a well-known fitness enthusiast. Here, we look at what supplements Kevin Hart uses and discover what Kevin Hart’s overall health philosophy is. We also uncover Kevin Hart’s top fitness & nutrition secrets…

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What supplements does Kevin Hart take and what are his secrets to good health?

Who is Kevin Hart, and what is he known for?

Kevin Hart is an American comedian, actor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a well-known fitness enthusiast. He was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He got an early start in comedy, around the age of eleven. His first audience member was his mother, as he made her laugh and successfully convinced her not to punish him. He has come a long way since then. He boasts a humongous fan base with over 62 million followers on Instagram and 24 million on Facebook. His tour, Kevin Hart: The Irresponsible, was a best-selling comedy act in 2018, reaching over a million audience members.

Kevin Hart uses his celebrity platform to bring attention to the significance of living a healthy lifestyle. He was inspired by the health challenges he witnessed among the people that he cared about. After losing his mother to cancer in 2007, he decided to commit to an intense exercise regimen, which eventually culminated in him gracing the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine in October 2016.

However, that isn’t enough for Kevin Hart. He is passionate about bringing others along in his fitness journey, literally. He would randomly send out tweets asking people to join him for a run in cities across the country. One time, in his hometown of Philly, he reached 2,500 participants!

Another way that Kevin aims to bring people into a healthy way of living is through Vitahustle, his new supplement company. Let’s take a look into what supplements Kevin Hart takes, and how that inspired him to launch Vitahustle.

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How Kevin Hart fuels his life with diet and supplements

Kevin Hart is not like the rest of us. The fact that he can sell out venues like Madison Square Garden already makes him an anomaly. However, what might arguably be even more impressive, is that he can drive by an In-N-Out burger joint without it having the slightest effect on him. Kevin can go for days just eating grilled chicken breasts, brown rice, and vegetables. And it’s not like he has to force himself either. The fact that he doesn’t get cravings makes it relatively easy for him.

What might come as a surprise to many is that Kevin Hart has never taken a lot of supplements. His incredible fitness routine, and life, are primarily fueled by the wholesome foods that he eats. The only supplements that Kevin has taken in the past were multivitamins. Being the serial entrepreneur that he is, he saw launching a multivitamins brand as an excellent opportunity to bring more attention to his mission to help people live healthier lives.

Why Vitahustle

On an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, Kevin explained that he has noticed a harmful trend. He has seen too many people get caught up with the fitness influencers on social media, and he feels that it creates unrealistic expectations for them. People see celebrities or fitness models flaunting their perfect bodies on Instagram, and they feel like such results are beyond their reach. As a result, they never get started.

Kevin Hart on the Joe Rogan podcast talking about what keeps him so motivated & let’s him acheive so much (hint: cat naps!). This is the same episode where Kevin reveals his Vitahustle brand.

Kevin’s aim with Vitahustle is to include and welcome as many people into the fitness world as possible, from all age groups, backgrounds, shapes, and sizes. Vitahustle is not just about obtaining washboard abs, but it is about being healthy and having the energy to approach each day where you can be your best self.

Of course, before bringing Vitahustle to the marketplace, Kevin has been using it himself for a few months. And the results speak for themselves. Anyone that follows Kevin on social media can vouch for his energy levels, and how much he gets done each day.

Here are some of the ingredients in Vitahustle that can be beneficial for an active lifestyle.

The top 6 beneficial ingredients in Vitahustle

Vitamin D – Vitamin D promotes healthy bones through calcium absorption, and prevents diabetes, fatigue, and maybe even cancer. Additionally, there is some research to suggest that vitamin D deficiency can contribute to mood disorders like seasonal depression [1][2].

Vitamin K – Vitamin K contributes to bone health and prevents osteoporosis. It also promotes cognitive function and heart health [3].

Vitamin B-12 – An essential vitamin that can be found in animal products, or can be taken as a supplement. Vitamin B-12 plays a critical role in the production of red blood cells, promoting bone health, maintaining a healthy mood, and other vital functions [4].

Magnesium – Magnesium is involved in hundreds of processes within the body like protein formation, DNA repair, and more. Some of its primary benefits are boosting exercise performance, fighting depression, lowering blood pressure, and reducing inflammation [5].

Zinc – Zinc boosts the immune system, aids in the healing process, and reduces inflammation, among other functions. Being deficient in zinc can cause multiple health conditions like digestive issues and sexual dysfunction [6].

Selenium – Selenium is an essential mineral that acts as a potent antioxidant, reduces the risk of certain cancers, protects against heart disease, and promotes thyroid health [7].

Along with the ones mentioned above, Vitahustle has many other beneficial ingredients. It has broccoli extract, which is a powerful detoxification and anti-inflammatory compound. It also contains beta-carotene, which is essential for healthy skin and mucous membranes, the immune system, and good eye health. For a full list, check out Vitahustle’s ingredients page.

What supplements should Kevin Hart take?

Kevin Hart is one of the most prominent celebrities in the world, and he most likely has a team of trainers, nutritionists, and chefs that make sure that he gets all the nutrients and minerals that he needs.

However, if you’re not a celebrity with a team of nutritionists, and you’re taking Vitahustle, you might want to include omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. Omega-3s play a vital role in numerous functions, including promoting heart health, reducing symptoms of metabolic syndrome, and fighting mood disorders. Wild caught salmon, sardines, and cod liver oil are some of the best sources of omega-3s. Rhonda Patrick’s preferred brand of Omega-3 supplement is Nordic Naturals

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